We serve and care for sick, dying and disabled seniors.

Our mission is to help the generation who built our great country. We're working hard to help/care for the many disabled seniors, isolated in dark, cold apartments, and rundown old homes. They desperately need your help!


Helping Angels Charity was founded by Jim Forrer, a retired marketing executive outside of Detroit, MI. For more than a decade, Jim has dedicated himself to helping people, focusing on sick and dying seniors. He's an active volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Area Agency on Aging 1-B, Salvation Army, Shoplifters Anonymous and the Troy Police Volunteer Corp. In 2012, Jim was a winner of the Claude Pepper award, a national honor named for the US Congressman who championed the rights of seniors in Congress.


Helping Angels is a non-profit charity that helps out where and when needed. 99.9% of the proceeds go to help individuals. Jim does not draw a salary from the organization, and often uses his family's own resources to support Helping Angels Charity's community service work. Whether it's, working to produce and deliver food and supplies to sick disabled home-bound seniors, supplying food for regular or holiday senior disabled dinner gatherings, throwing a picnic for individuals living in poor senior housing or replacing broken down equipment in senior's home, Jim dedicates long hours, compassion, and resources to others.


Our sick, dying and disabled seniors badly need your help. Your donation goes directly to the people in need. Many thanks for your support!

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Helping Angels is a 501(c)(3) charity. All donations are tax deductible. Please use the Donate Now button above to make a secure online donation through the Network For Good site. Your privacy is important. We'll never share your contact information with any third party.